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just keep swimming. 09/24/2010

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So, this past week has been a little overwhelming because I got a little behind because of my kidney stones. I developed negatives, made a contact sheet and made a print for the first time in my photography class- it’s pretty neat. However, my photography professor is too flaky and is driving us all up a wall. I finally feel more comfortable with Javascript, and we’re going to be dealing with user input next week in PHP. All in all it’s a busy and productive semester, but I’m pretty stressed out because of having to catch up. I’m going to try to get ahead this weekend because I don’t like to feel like I’m constantly trying to run to keep up with the work. Hopefully I can get evrything done this weekend- wish me luck!


New Blog Project

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This week I started my new blog project for the lowbrow art movement. The new blog url is This week I will be making comps, and next week I should be starting the build.


one month down. 09/20/2010

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So far, my classes have been pretty interesting. I have developed negatives and made a contact sheet for my first B&W Photography project, done a few labs in my programming classes, and built a CSS styles sheet for CSS Zen Garden. In Web Design 2, we’re making a custom WordPress Blog inspired by Lowbrow art, which is pretty cool. I went to a show that Art Whino did at the opening of Yards Park in DC- it was pretty neat stuff. When I set up my new URL, I’ll post it here.


Fall 2010 Semester 09/09/2010

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Well, it’s a new semester! I took 2 classes over the summer, so I ended up with a 4 week break. I was definitely not ready to go back! So, it started out a little rocky, but I am all caught up (and ahead in half of my classes). This semester I am taking Black and White Photography, Web Design 2, PHP/MySQL, and JavaScript. I’m super excited about this semester- it seems like this marks the beginning of where I really get to start learning new things. In B&W Photography, we’ve already learned to make photograms, and I had my first experience with the film changing room. I took a roll of film at Renn Faire, and I had to put it on the reel in the tank so we can develop it next week. Wow. You can not see in there at ALL. lol It was quite an experience, but I think I managed to do it successfully. I won’t find out until I develop it, though! The rest of my classes are hybrid- half online, half in class. Web Design 2 is not as much work as I thought it would be, although it is still quite a bit. Jenn wasted no time- our first assignment was to make a comp! But it is going well, and I’m a tiny bit ahead in that project, I think. The two that I was most worried about taking at the same time- PHP and JavaScript- aren’t bad at all. I’m getting a little mixed up between all of my languages, but those classes seem to be pretty easy. I’m at least a week ahead in PHP, which I thought would be the hardest.

GDC kicks off next week- we meet at 10:30 am on Fridays, which means I will be at the school all day until work! lol I am excited for this semester’s meetings- we have a lot of people interested in the club, so hopefully we can get together and do a lot of neat things. I have to design the flyers (tomorrow, hopefully), and then this weekend I have to go to IKEA and help Chris move into his new place! Hopefully this place is as great as it seems :o)

TTYL, I have to go finish my Lynda videos for Web Design 2!