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Soooo Close. 11/09/2010

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I’ve been feeling pretty good this week after such a productive weekend. I started South Beach last week and I’ve lost 4 pounds already! I was in charge of Phi Theta Kappa’s Omicron Theta Chapter’s bake sale for Share Our Strength today, and we raised over $200, with more coming in tomorrow. I have finished all of my photography projects for the entire semester except for one. Woot!! And I’m really looking forward to Monster.com’s workshop on Money Management tomorrow. Now if I can only finish this JavaScript lab that’s due tomorrow…


only 6 more weeks. 11/01/2010

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This semester has been ridiculous. I’m struggling with my paper and presentation, but everything else is going smoothly (for now). Everything is still pretty overwhelming. I have no idea what people were thinking when they cut back on the credit hours to fit within the requirements for the programs. Ugh!! I guess the only thing that’s really new is that I have a Twitter, @kaitlynjanine, check me out. I guess I’m going to keep plugging away at these things….