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Spring 2011. 02/07/2011

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So far this year, lots of drama already! I signed up for my Spring semester classes back in November. I had my perfect schedule. The night before classes start, I get a phone call telling me the class I need to complete my degree isn’t going to run! I shoot off an email the next day after registering for a different class to the college president, the department head, and the professor teaching the class. Later that day, I realized I registered for the wrong section of that other class, so I switch sections. That night, I meet up with some friends before our class starts, only to find out that they reinstated the class. This is how I found out that my school emails weren’t forwarding. So I fix my emails and drop the replacement class and sign back up for the class I was originally signed up for. Whew! So my schedule is finally back to how it should be.

I also had an epiphany during my massage on the first day of classes. Why am I getting a certificate in Programming when I could just get the Web Technologies Associate’s with no additional classes?? So I’m going to have an associate’s once I finish my English class this summer!

And the last awesome thing: I have lots of free time this semester. Which is good, since Chris’ tire went flat at the beginning of last month…

I will try to update this pretty often this semester, since it looks like I’ll have a bit of time.