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Week Six of CAT 275 06/29/2011

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The week isn’t over yet, bit it’s been crazy this week. I’ve worked more hours this week than I have in awhile. I’ve been working on this big project for Veterinary Neurology of the Chesapeake. They needed 150 cards laminated with round corners. I’ve also been working on business cards and envelopes for Kubb Physical Therapy. I did a business card for South Arundel Vet Hospital. I’ve been doing a lot of bindery, social media, and networking lately. We’re a little slow right now. This week has been crazy because my boss has been with her mother at the hospital. I probably will be doing motly networking, social media, and HTML email blasts until sometime in August when things pick back up.


Week Five of CAT 275 06/28/2011

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Last week was a pretty busy one. I did a lot of social media and marketing, some graphic design, and went to BNI (a networking group). I’ve been working on these book covers, which are kind of a challenge. The client wanted me to scan in this textbook’s cover, clean it up, and adjust the size so the he could bind his notes together. He also wanted to get rid of the publisher’s name on the spine and put “Student Workbook and Notes” instead, as well as numbering the volumes at the top. I thought this job would be easy originally, but it has turned out to be quite the opposite. The color on the scans came out uneven, so I have done the entirety of this project in Photoshop. It looks pretty good now, so hopefully he’s happy when he comes in!


Week Four of CAT 275 06/16/2011

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We were closed most of this week to get a new digital press, but I was able to do some networking and also got a potential freelance client. In the beginning of the week I did a few designs and some changes, but nothing too major. Hopefully things will be more lively next week.


Week Three of CAT 275 06/11/2011

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So, I only worked half of this week because we were pretty slow. But Got Bail’s plasticards came in, and they looked great! It’s exciting to see the smile on people’s faces when they see the finished product. I did a lot of printing, bindery, and a little spring cleaning this week, but I did get to do a few graphics and some social media things. I have a few things to do on Monday, but other than that I definitely won’t be working until at least Thursday because we’re getting a new digital press at the beginning of the week.


Week Two of CAT 275 06/06/2011

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So I didn’t do very much designing this past week. I did lots of printing and bindery, but the only thing I really designed this week was our new business mailer. We were really busy the week before Memorial Day, but this past week started our 2 month slow period. I was working 40 hours a week before, but my hours have been cut by at least half as of this week. I can’t wait for things to pick back up- I love my job. It has given me a chance to redesign my identity, put up my new website, and redesign my business cards, though. I delivered a job in Friday to one of my previous freelance clients, and I’m excited because they will be bringing in some more business for me, both at Minuteman and in my web design freelance business.