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Week Ten of CAT 275 07/22/2011

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I got back from vacation and only worked one day this week. I went to BNI yesterday- it’s always great fun. I won the 50-50 raffle and gave a few referrals and received a referral. It’s always nice to listen to people talk about their businesses. I always find out something I didn’t know before. Next week I’ll be in the office for a couple of days


Week Nine of CAT 275 07/12/2011

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I will be on vacation all week, so nothing new to report. I will return to work next week!


Branded. 07/09/2011

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There are very few brands that I rely on for quality and efficiency. Apple, Google, and Ikea are the big 3 from which I expect (near) perfection every time. Ikea is quality furniture and other items for the home at an almost ridiculously affordable price. While some things are more expensive than others, everything is extremely high quality and very nice looking.

With Apple, their products aren’t what I would call affordable, but the quality and performance that comes with the Apple name more than makes up for the initially high price tag. I bought my MacBook Pro when I first started to go back to school in the Fall of 2008. I haven’t had to do a single thing, and my computer runs just as well today as it did the day I bought it. I have never said that about a 3 year old PC. Not ever. In fact, my 3 year old MacBook Pro runs BETTER than my mother’s new Sony Vaio, which is running an I3 processor.

And that leaves me with Google. I have used many search engines in my lifetime: Ask.com, Alta Vista, Yahoo, Bing, among others, and I have never found a better search engine that produces more accurate results than Google. Google has greatly improved their search engine over the years and has stayed on top of the competition. Google Translate has saved my butt a few times, and when I got Gmail, I was floored. Every email was where I needed it to be, I didn’t even know I had a junk mail folder for awhile. No spam, no missing emails, none of that. And then I was introduced to Google Docs. I had been using live Skydrive, but when I saw Google Docs it made more sense to use that. You can organize your files, choose who you want to share them with, and access them from anywhere. All of those products are great, but when I snagged my invite to Google+, I started to worry. The interface is great- nice and simple. The circles idea- genius. There isn’t a lot to do right now, having such few friends on Google+, but I can tell it would be pretty fantastic. Nothing real revolutionary, mind you, but still great. It was when I discovered they had released Google+ before they finished the iPhone app that I think was their biggest mistake. We’ll see how it turns out, but until they release that app I have a feeling it’s growth will be stunted.

—edited 7/22/11

After using Google+ for a few weeks, there isn’t much to it. I’m not all that impressed, and I found out that the standard setting for your photos lets people download them and order prints of them. The iPhone app is finally out, but there isn’t much difference between the app and the mobile site. Thumbs down, Google. The only thing that will save them is that people want it because they can’t get it. When it becomes public people will be rushing to join.


English Class: 0, Kaitlyn Janine: 1. 07/07/2011

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I finished my first book in three days. I already wrote 100 words about it for my participation question and started to get my thoughts down for my first essay paper. I have a few more chapters to read of the Little, Brown Handbook tomorrow, and I should have my paper finished by Saturday. That puts me a week ahead of the class schedule!


Week Eight of CAT 275

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This week was pretty relaxing. I started a six week English class right after the holiday, so today is the only day I worked. I did some marketing, made some phone calls and went to BNI. Last week at BNI I won the 50/50 raffle; this week I won a referral raffle. The prize was a $25 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. I went to Edgewater to do some marketing, then went back to the office to make some phone calls. My Neenah Esse textured 100lb paper samples were there for my business cards. It was fantastic- they sent me 10 26×30 sheets for the offset press. I had them taken to our Dundalk location to be cut down to size, since our cutter isn’t big enough. Sandi taught me the difference between screening and transparency, so I have to fix the cards for offset. I also have to match to Pantone, since I used spot color when I printed them digitally. Hopefully I have lots of luck, or I may just end up printing them digitally on the paper.


Summer Time! 07/04/2011

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Although it is now summer time, a time of beach vacations and outings, my 6 week English class starts tomorrow. I have to read 3 books and half of the LBH, and write 3 papers in addition to my final essay. But I am still determined to fit some fun in between work and school. Chris and I are going on vacation next week, and when we get back I’m going kayaking and wine tasting with my friend, then heading to a cookout. A few days later, Chris and I will venture out again and go to a DC United game. I’m especially excited for the food trucks!



Week Seven of CAT 275 07/01/2011

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This week I was in the office most of the time. We picked up a little bit this week, but the 1st of July brings our slowest month of the year. With my long hours this week came business card changes and envelope designs for Kubb Physical Therapy, business cards for South Arundel Vets, a rubber stamp for a doctor practicing at a hospital, and lots of copying and bindery for various businesses. I loved being in the office this week, but next week I will be working from home and marketing. While my boss’ mother is ill, I’ll be going to BNI networking group for her every Thursday. I love the people and I’ve learned a lot. I may have landed a car dealership account, but I won’t be sure until after the holidays.