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About Me! 01/22/2010

My name is Kaitlyn Janine Claiborne. I was raised and currently live in Bowie, but I have also lived in Glen Burnie, MD and Chicago, IL. I’m an up and coming graphic/web designer, and I love to design websites and read books in my spare(hah!) time. I was attending Anne Arundel Community College full time. Since i am now in the graphic design industry, I have decided to go to AACC part time starting in the fall semester. At the end of the summer I will receive my AAS in Web Technologies, and next spring I will receive my AAS in Media Production. After graduation I hope to attend the University of Baltimore and get a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications. I am with a wonderful guy, and engaged to be married after graduation. We have been together over 4 years. Needless to say, graduation can’t get here soon enough!


2 Responses to “About Me!”

  1. Chris Beyer Says:

    Hello Kaitlyn this is the best blog ever I hope you keep writing and you get your degree.

  2. Lindsey Meister Says:

    Hey Katy. . .just wanted to let you know that I checked out your page. . .good luck!!! You seem so motivated to get things done. . .that’s awesome!!! I hope everything works out for you. . .


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