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Week Fifteen. 05/11/2010

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The end is in sight! My site is pretty much done at this point, just some issues with a repeating background on the home page.

Next week you will be able to see it on my actual website!


Week Fourteen. 05/02/2010

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A lot of cool resources this week, plus one on consuming an RSS feed that I found. Other than that, not too much learning going on this week. We pretty much focused on our final projects and our case studies.

Dynamic Drive
  lightbox tutorial
  dropdown navigation
Adobe Developers Network
  consuming an rss feed in dreamweaver
Layers Magazine
WebMonkey Wiki
  breadcrumb Navigation
  meta tags


Week Thirteen. 04/25/2010

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I’m posting this mobile style. My mom is in the hospital and I have the stomach flu, so things are pretty crazy right now. Web Site Update: this week I have started all pages for my site, and for the most part they look good on every browser I’ve checked them on. I’m very happy with how my site has turned out so far. We watched some very helpful videos on Adobe TV, and read some helpful articles. I will add links to these when I get back on the computer. There was also a short tutorial on how to do different Javascript actions, which helped me figure out the Behaviors panel.

CSS Zen Garden is awesome. It really proves the power of CSS.
Rotating Images on a Page with Javascript– I didn’t need it this time, but this seems like an alternative to using Flash for slideshows.

Finally! Great references for learning how to create and use templates to build out your site faster.
Layers TV
Creating and Using Templates
Adobe TV
Rapidly Building Layouts
Creating Templates
Using Templates


Week Twelve. 04/17/2010

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So close to the end! Only 4 weeks left of classes, and I am starting to feel almost as if I know what I’m doing. This week we got a break from our Lynda assignments to focus on our resume and website. We did read a few helpful articles, and finally exported the site from Fireworks and adjusted it a bit in Dreamweaver. It feels great to start seeing a working product!

It’s so interesting to read all of these articles. A previous article said that users will scroll down, but didn’t say how much they get out of the content from below the fold. This article (“Killer Web Content Examples”) says that top headings stand out the most, and catch people’s attention. Even if it says the same thing somewhere else. These articles really help to put the pieces together.

CSS Cheat Sheets has two downloadable pdf cheat sheets, which is awesome. Let’s face it- our brains don’t function perfectly all the time. Plus, they have a link to a Box Model Hack for IE(http://webdesign.about.com/od/css/a/aaboxmodelhack.htm), which is great. Now I can start fixing my layout issues in IE! It doesn’t say when the article was written, though. And it seems like it only includes a hack for IE 5/6. Perhaps I will search a little more and find an updated one.

Finally! CSS Page Layout Basics has explained the difference between liquid and elastic! Hoorah! This article is pretty good for people new to XHTML and CSS, and really explains the principle ideas behind the layouts.

See my home page and my designs page.

See my resume. Not sure about the right column, but it looks ok.


Week Eleven. 04/11/2010

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So finals week is only 5 more weeks away, and I have learned a lot in this class! This week focused on the buildout process, but I also learned about making rollover buttons. The website is really coming together!

Here are my FINAL comps!!

Home Page
Home Page Comp

Designs Page
Designs Page Comp

Contact Page
Contact Page Comp

Resources from this week:

Understanding Cascading Style Sheets

How to Estimate Time for a Project

Don’t Make Me Think- Chapter 2


Week Ten. 04/04/2010

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This week we learned about exporting webpages from Fireworks, and slicing in Photoshop and Fireworks. After experimenting with exporting on my home page, I was finally able to tweak my layout to the point where it exports properly. Whew. On the brightside, I know exactly what things Fireworks is picky about- divs not only can’t overlap text, they can’t even be right next to each other. Ahh! But all is well. Now I just have to figure out how to get my rss feed into my home page, and how to create the interactive galleries in my portfolio pages.

My New Comps:
Home Page Comp
Home Page Comp

Graphics Page Comp
Graphics Page Comp

Contact Page Comp
Contact Page Comp

The Benefits of Slicing Images by Jim Babbage

I have been waiting to use the slice tool!! I love it because it allows designs with different elements to be optimized into different file types, so each element looks the best it can. Wonderful tool!

Exporting CSS and Images in Fireworks CS4

This is such a neat feature- using Fireworks to design a site seems to take up a lot less time, but it is still very efficient. Doing everything by hand takes 10 times longer, and sometimes doesn’t look as nice.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

A neat tool! Even though Fireworks generates it for you, it only generates only paragraph. I like the fact that you can generate text as long as you need.

Adobe TV!

    Exporting CSS and Images

    Creating CSS/XHTML Layouts

    Export CSS and HTML from Fireworks CS4 (part 1)

   Export CSS and HTML from Fireworks CS4 (part 2)

    Export CSS and HTML from Fireworks CS4 (part 3)


    Quickly Transform Photoshop Layouts

    Dreamweaver Integration


Portfolio Comps. 03/28/2010

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First Comp, with an RSS Feed from my blog and a blurb about me:

Comp A

Second Comp with an RSS feed, a bigger photo, and no blurb:

Comp B