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The End. 12/03/2010

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So I finally made it to the end. Not my proudest semester to date, as I didn’t do so well the last week or so of the semester. But it is almost over. I just have to finish up a website, and wrap up a wordpress blog we had as a group project. I should have As in all of my classes again, and finals are next week, so it will all be a memory soon. I think the awesome part about this semester is that at the end I also get a service learning certificate to add to my portfolio.  To wrap things up: It was Hell, but I survive


Soooo Close. 11/09/2010

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I’ve been feeling pretty good this week after such a productive weekend. I started South Beach last week and I’ve lost 4 pounds already! I was in charge of Phi Theta Kappa’s Omicron Theta Chapter’s bake sale for Share Our Strength today, and we raised over $200, with more coming in tomorrow. I have finished all of my photography projects for the entire semester except for one. Woot!! And I’m really looking forward to Monster.com’s workshop on Money Management tomorrow. Now if I can only finish this JavaScript lab that’s due tomorrow…


only 6 more weeks. 11/01/2010

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This semester has been ridiculous. I’m struggling with my paper and presentation, but everything else is going smoothly (for now). Everything is still pretty overwhelming. I have no idea what people were thinking when they cut back on the credit hours to fit within the requirements for the programs. Ugh!! I guess the only thing that’s really new is that I have a Twitter, @kaitlynjanine, check me out. I guess I’m going to keep plugging away at these things….


Wow. 10/21/2010

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This semester has six or seven weeks left, and I’m wondering if I can make it through without collapsing from exhaustion. And as I look at the rest of the classes I need to take, I realize they’re all super intense, time-hogging classes. It seems more and more impossible to keep going with 4 classes a semester without sacrificing anything, including my sanity.

But all I can do for now is keep plugging away at my 4 projects, paper, presentation, 2 labs, and assignment. Ugh.


just keep swimming. 09/24/2010

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So, this past week has been a little overwhelming because I got a little behind because of my kidney stones. I developed negatives, made a contact sheet and made a print for the first time in my photography class- it’s pretty neat. However, my photography professor is too flaky and is driving us all up a wall. I finally feel more comfortable with Javascript, and we’re going to be dealing with user input next week in PHP. All in all it’s a busy and productive semester, but I’m pretty stressed out because of having to catch up. I’m going to try to get ahead this weekend because I don’t like to feel like I’m constantly trying to run to keep up with the work. Hopefully I can get evrything done this weekend- wish me luck!


New Blog Project

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This week I started my new blog project for the lowbrow art movement. The new blog url is This week I will be making comps, and next week I should be starting the build.


one month down. 09/20/2010

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So far, my classes have been pretty interesting. I have developed negatives and made a contact sheet for my first B&W Photography project, done a few labs in my programming classes, and built a CSS styles sheet for CSS Zen Garden. In Web Design 2, we’re making a custom WordPress Blog inspired by Lowbrow art, which is pretty cool. I went to a show that Art Whino did at the opening of Yards Park in DC- it was pretty neat stuff. When I set up my new URL, I’ll post it here.