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freedom. 11/29/2011

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So, after this semester I will be (hopefully) working full time as a web designer at Sidus Data. Next semester I only have one class, then after that I hope to be taking online classes quarterly at SCAD. Hopefully that will make my life much easier. Until then, counting down the days until the end of Fall Semester!!!



With a Little Help From His Friends | Culture | Vanity Fair 10/18/2010

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With a Little Help From His Friends

At 19, Sean Parker helped create Napster. At 24, he was founding president of Facebook. At 30, he’s the hard-partying, press-shy genius of social networking, a budding billionaire, and about to be famous—played by Justin Timberlake in David Fincher’s new film, The Social Network.

via With a Little Help From His Friends | Culture | Vanity Fair.


This Semester. 02/23/2010

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This semester has been completely crazy. Between the weather changes, snow days, and my own schedule adjustments, this has been quite a ride so far. I can’t wait until Spring Break so I can just sit on the beach and catch up on my work 🙂 This semester is making me a stronger person- pushing me to handle stresses that I haven’t handled for years, and some that I haven’t ever handled before. I am finding myself balancing my life between school, work, the Graphic Design Club, my family and friends, and my fiance. Every semester before this since I started concentrating in web and graphic design, I have put 100% into school and work, and still had some time for a life. It is not working out that way this semester, and it’s a bit hard.